Victory Amps V140 The Super Duchess Kemper Profiles
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NEW! Official Victory Kemper Profiles - V140 The Super Duchess PACK

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This pack includes 7 profiles.

Victory artist Rabea Massaad has created an exclusive collection of profiles based on a selection of Victory's amplifiers.

Here he's modelled the V140 The Super Duchess - an amp based on our V40 Deluxe but with 100 watts of glorious 6L6 headroom, long-tank spring reverb and an extra Mid Kick option. Huge clean headroom or vintage drive in an incredibly responsive single-channel amp. One for the feel players… and then some!

Recorded in Studio One at Brighton Electric using a selection of mics:

  • Royer 121 Ribbon Mic
  • Shure SM57
  • Josephson E22S 
Recorded in with UAD Neve Preamps.
Cabs used:
  • Victory VX Cab (V30/G12-65H)
  • Victory V40 Can (Creamback) 

Suitable for all players and only available to download from the Victory Store.

Please Note: downloadable items are non-returnable.

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