Official Victory Kemper Profiles - VX The Kraken PACK
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Official Victory Kemper Profiles - VX The Kraken PACK

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This pack includes 10 profiles

Victory artist Rabea Massaad has created an exclusive collection of profiles based on a selection of Victory's amplifiers.

Here he's modelled the glorious VX The Kraken, the compact amp he personally helped create with Victory's Chief Designer, Martin Kidd. 

VX The Kraken packs a versatile 50-watt power section that you can use at home, in the studio or on the biggest stages. A two-channel monster. Classic British-inspired rhythm tones in Gain I mode. Gain II sears on into tight, aggressive American high-gain grind, perfect for progressive and extended-range players. VX The Kraken pushes all the boundaries of what you can expect from a 'small' amp.

The profiles come loaded with an optional compressor or Klon style OD, plus some reverb to varying levels.

You can see how Rabea made the profiles here

Suitable for all players and only available to download from the Victory Store.

Please Note: downloadable items are non-returnable.

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