Amp and Cab Covers
Amp and Cab Covers
Amp and Cab Covers
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Amp and Cab Covers

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Protect your Victory amp and/or cabinet from dust and scratches when you're not playing or need to transport it. The cover is high quality and durable with strong outer and inner layers. Finished with grey piping and cream Victory logo.

The strong outer material is hard to tear and rip so it will stay structurally strong while the inner material is a bit softer to help protect your amp from scratches.

There's a hole in the cover's top panel for the amp's carry handle.

Please note that the V112 cover has 2 sizes. 

V112V - for serial numbers pre 00590-1218

V112CB - for serial numbers pre 00192-1218

V112CC - for serial numbers pre 00432-1118

For all cabinets manufactured prior to the above, we unfortunately no longer supply the V112 slip covers.

For all cabinets manufactured after the above, please order the V112.


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